Founded in 1979, today Rosti Tebplast operates out of 8.500 m2 facility with an annual production capacity of 14.000 tons of raw materials.

In addition to its position in the Turkish market, Rosti Tebplast exports its products to 36 countries. While Rosti Tebplast’s main area of operation remains the production of food packaging products, the company also owns a 2.000 m2 silkscreen printing facility.

In light of the highly competitive landscape of the food production sector, Rosti Tebplast continuously offers its clients progressive and innovative designs that add value to its customers in their sales, marketing and logistics operations.

Strictly adhering to international standards in all phases of its production cycle since its founding, today Rosti Tebplast continues to operate with a particular emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Rosti Tebplast’s success and fast growth has not only drawn attention from the Turkish market but also from international players. As a result, the Rosti Group, a global leader with a continued focus on growth in the sector has acquired a stake in Tebplast, making the company one of the few companies among its peers in Turkey that have attracted foreign investment.

Rosti Group’s investment in Rosti Tebplast have resulted in the Group acquiring its first packaging asset in Eastern Europe and the Middle East while allowing Rosti Tebplast, which continue to operate under the stewardship of the Teber family, to extend its operational network and its global service coverage while strengthening its flexibility in purchasing at the same time.


  • Food packaging
  • Promotional items
  • Visibility products

    • Food packaging production utilises the latest new generation in-mould labelling (IML) technologies.
    • Production of other product categories use plastic injection and silkscreen printing technologies.